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2017 NPD Conference & Luncheon

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Sheraton Waikiki

Making Waves:

Rocking the boat.

To disturb the status quo.

To agitate, goad, incite.

To fire up.

Typically the phrase “making waves” is used to describe someone or something that makes us uncomfortable. Here in the middle of the Pacific, our islands buffeted by the ocean, we are accustomed to dealing with waves of all kinds in a myriad of ways, and our favorite way to approach waves, is to “charge ‘em!”

In our daily lives, disruption and uncertainty can often be perceived as road blocks, causing fear and inaction. Or, they can be viewed as opportunity-- opportunities to make a difference. Philanthropists and nonprofits are best poised to make the difference that our communities need. We can see the opportunities, make our own waves and CHARGE ‘EM together.

A Day of Philanthropy

Historically, NPD is designed to help Hawaii's fundraisers reconnect with each other to celebrate the ongoing commitment to advance philanthropy through the practice of ethical and effective fundraising in Hawaii. This one day event affords participants to learn new practices, acknowledge all that has been accomplished in the name of giving, as well as encourage those who know that there is still more to do.  

The sessions were selected to provide value to AFP members who represent a wide-ranging group of organizations - from the grassroots, one-person office, to K-12 and secondary educational institutions, and also health and social service sectors. The hope is that this conference will provide knowledge and resources that attendees can immediately utilize in their organizations. It is also a wonderful opportunity for peer to peer networking and meeting the funders in a social setting.

Every year, the Awards luncheon serves as a way to recognize the individuals and organizations in Hawaii that volunteer their service to:

•       Enhance the quality of life in our state

•       Build community

•       Reach out to others to ensure a brighter and more promising

         future for all citizens

•       Address social needs that are an integral part of American society

•       Make the world a better place

Join us at this year's luncheon as we pay tribute to the great contribution that philanthropy — and those individuals and organizations active in philanthropy — has made to our lives, our community, our nation, and our world. 


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