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Conference Speakers & Presentations

Every year we invite speakers to share their knowledge and insights about philanthropy at the National Philanthropy Day conference. These nonprofit executives and social leaders engage attendees with current topics and thought-provoking content so attendees leave the conference feeling refreshed and ready to apply the lessons within their own organizations. 

Stay tuned for this our 2017 conference speakers!


2016 NPD Conference Presentations

Psychology of Giving - Bill Bartolini

Principles for Good Governance - Jennifer Cornish Creed

Principles for Good Governance - Patti Look

Prinicples for Good Governance Summary

Maximizing Your ROI for Your Next Event - Keith McLane

Maximizing Your ROI for Your Next Event - Michelle Holman

Giving USA 2015 

Decisions - Bill Bartolini

Communicating Impact - Tom Kelly

Authentic Leadership 

Donor Bill of Rights

Code of Ethics