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Gallery: Photos & Videos

More coming soon!

Photo Gallery:

In our 30th Anniversary Year of the Aloha Chapter, we are aiming to find at least one photo from each year to archive imagery of previous members and activities that have changed and developed over time.  

If you have a photo or video clip you would like to share, please send it to us at or feel free to mail raw video on a DVD so that we can review, determine what is possible to include, and inform our membership of the new resource once it has been posted to our website !

2013 2007 2001 1995 1989
2012 2006 2000 1994 1988
2011 2005 1999 1993 1987
2010 2004 1998 1992 1986
2009 2003 1997 1991 1985
2008 2002 1996 1990 1984

1983 --- Our Founding Charter & 1st Chapter Year !


Video Gallery:

Was video even available at chapter events in 1983 ?  Today we are fortunate to have devices that provide easy and fast clips to share in social networking or email systems !

Visit our YouTube landing page to see previous award winners, television commercials, or mission message videos.